Saturday, December 14, 2013


I love funky little old pieces like this.  They are full of both character and history.  I REALLY wish I had the 'before' picture so you could really appreciate the 'after'.

These different aluminum sheets are found both at Home Depot and Lowes as well as other hardware stores.  For some reason, maybe because everything I love gets discontinued, they no long have the design I wanted in the finish I needed. 

I love the gold finish and even the design of the clover leaf looking one below, but my client liked the style of the piece with smaller holes, and I did as well for this project.  But it was only in a dark shade and needed to be spray painted. That, I can do:)

I sprayed it in Rustoleum Pure Gold, which is an excellent soft gold without too much orange or brass.

I then attached it to a board I cut down to be inserted into the space where the speaker fabric once was.

 Attached from the inside of the cabinet.

New back applied after I sprayed the area that would be exposed when the flap door was down.

Here she is!  All done and prettied up!  This will make an excellent and cool nightstand.

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  1. I can only imagine what this looked to start with. Didn't know you could get the sheets at Lowe's. I think this turned out great.