Sunday, May 5, 2013


I was lovin this piece even before I did anything to it! In fact, I had it hidden in the corner in hopes that I might be able to use it for my upcoming kitchen/den renovation.  Unfortunately it was going to be to long for the space I have.  So, I had to let her go:(

 What I like most is that my customers loved the idea of integrating a sheet of this decorative aluminum, typically used for radiator covers, it can also be used in so many other ways!  I did a post last year about a few ways I have used it HERE .

They really like the "2 tone" look and we decided to strip and stain the drawers, door, base and feet as they were in excellent condition.  I ended up stripping the top too, just to get a perfect finish when spraying the lacquer.

Both Home Depot and Lowes carries this product.  I happened to purchase this from Home Depot.  It does come in 2 sized but naturally, I needed the larger, more expensive sheet.  the 3x3' is $30.

Either the gold or the silver would have looked great with this piece but my customers wanted the silver and this particular design…I think they made a wonderful choice:)

I was too lazy to go find the metal cutter so I used my scissors, which worked just fine, although I am sure I totally ruined them:)

We used the existing back panel that was behind the original wicker as the backing for the sheet.  I prefer to have a dark background for the aluminum so that you can see the detail.

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