Saturday, May 4, 2013


I wish SO BAD I had a before picture of this nasty, mold infested space!  It was an enclosed sunroom with 7 windows, all of which had leaked over the years.  I didn't really need another "indoor" space to hang out in or furnish, nor did our budget include new windows and making it weather tight. So, we decided to open it up and make it into a screened in porch (minus the screens for now:).

We ripped out all the windows, drywall and shag carpet. There was concrete under the carpet, which we did an acid stain on.  I would have loved to DIY that one but we were having a ton of concrete/patio work done and just had them do it for us.  My husband and I added Hardy Board to the interior and exterior and I stained tongue and groove boards for the ceiling. We still need to add screens and a screen door but to be honest, I am in no hurry!

Because we get sun afternoon from the West, I needed some outdoor curtains.  Not sure if you ever priced out curtain rods for anything over 6', but it is EXPENSIVE!!  That is when I decided to go the super cheap route and use galvanized pipe.  Because it is a 16 foot long wall, we need 2-8 footers with a union in the middle.  

4 large hooks and done!  

I found Ava digging up my only flower in the yard.  We have a TON of landscaping to do this spring and summer….I think I know who will be helping me with gardening this summer:)

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