Friday, May 3, 2013


I have been getting a lot of requests lately for a "2 tone" look with is either 2 different colors but most likely, a combination of wood and paint.

I personally love that look myself and if a piece is capable of it, am happy to do it!  Here are a few pieces I have recently done….

 Natural wood front, sanded down with a coat of wax.

Drawers were stripped and stained with minwax dark walnut.  Then sealed with clear coat.

Drawers were sanded down to bare wood and given a coat of dark stain…didn't like it!  So then did a "white/grey wash" over top. Sealed with clear coat.

Box was not necessary able to be given the stained look we wanted so we did a dark brown laquer to give it the "2 tone" wood look.

Again, drawers stripped and stained in dark walnut.  Clear coats added.

Love the grain that shows thru on this guy!  You never really know exactly what will happen to the wood when you stain it.  We were pleasantly surprised:)

Stripped and stained with coats of clear, this antique dresser turned out beautiful!

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