Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Nothing is more fun and exciting than to try and mask off corners on window panes, mirror corners or picture frames.  Of course, I am being a smarty pants's time consuming and boring!  Here is a way to hopefully help the process go a little faster and be less painful, because it's those dang corners that take the most time.

I always remove the mirror when I have to refinish the frame, just so I can get the inside lip of the frame.  But sometimes, when the picture frame is huge, custom and the back looks all nice and pretty like, I feel bad taking it all apart, knowing the customer payed good money to have this done at one point.  Not to mention I really don't feel like removing or replacing 800 staples.

I have found a PERFECT way of dealing with those corners!  I hope these pictures below will help explain the steps for you.

 1- bring the tape over the edge

2- fold at a 90 degree angle, keeping it tight to the edge and tucked as close as possible.

3- press tight and close to edge, keeping a razor blade nearby to help

4- Perfect, tight corner and super fast!

Awww.  Peter deserves an award for putting up with the daily "deep love and serious affection (aka...torture) he gets from my youngest.  Tonight he was a lion with a the fur off of someones coat wrapped around his neck. Doesn't he look happy! 

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