Friday, December 21, 2012


Because I refinish furniture and have pieces come and go all the time, my 13 year old Jack has happened to have 5 different dressers in his bedroom in the past year.

Now we have built, renovated and moved many times and I know I am blessed with very flexible and adaptable children, but last week when I was hauling his dresser out of his room because I sold it, he was like "um, you think I can have a dresser that I can just call mine and actually keep"?!?

I think he was feeling a little sorry for himself until I reminded him that there are some kids that keep there small handful of clothes in a cardboard box...if they're lucky.  He got it:)

Still, I was feeling a little bad about taking it away and told him to go into my shop and pick out any dresser and think of color he wanted.

Well, the color he wanted, I didn't have. Because I LOVE to experiment and mix colors myself, I combined a few to get what he was looking for.  I LOVE mixing colors and coming up with something a little different, but unfortunately when someone wants a piece "in that color", I really can not duplicate it exactly.  I need to stop.

Loving that beautiful high end, seamless finish!

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