Sunday, December 16, 2012


Don't worry my modern BFF's, I am not converting totally but have to admit, it's kinda fun having a paintbrush in hand and being a little creative.

I have used milk paint before but has been many years.  I had a secretary desk that I thought would be a  good piece to experiment on. 

The desk already had a nice coat of yellow on it, which I was going to just leave but then decided, after sanding it down, that I would try this pretty blue milk paint I had on hand.  After I painted it blue,  didn't like it because it was too baby blue for me, so I decided to use this pretty green color milk paint over that (your suppose to layer...right?!?!)

I have been seeing a similar decorative hand painted decal around the blogs lately and decided to try a freehand design myself. I did this before the distressing and glazing as I wanted it to look as original as possible too.  It's not perfect, but perfectly imperfect:)

I loved how the green looked especially when I distressed it and even more after I glazed it.  I really like how there are some areas where the blue comes through, some areas where the yellow shows and a few spots of wood peeking through.  Perfectly "aged".

I clear sealer coat and some new (old) hardware and it's done!

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