Saturday, December 8, 2012


I just finished a couple of pieces for a customer and love how they all turned out.  This piece in particular is a great example of how adding a little glaze to the decal on the top drawer can really change the look.

In the before picture, The cool decal doesn't do much for the dresser.  The original plan was to refinish the piece in a dark grey and do a little distressing with black glaze over the entire piece.  But after the piece was sprayed, she really liked the awesome finish but still wanted a little "something", so decided to add glaze to just the decal.

I used a Q-tip to try and keep the glaze to a minimum

 Then wiped it, pushing it into the corners

I really do like this Valspar antiquing glaze as the working time is long and I was able to keep it where I wanted it.  

New satin nickel hardware and finish chances this into a beautiful and more masculine piece.

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  1. Hi! I just been scrolling through your blog, and want to say, I love all your transformations! I am now a follower.