Thursday, November 8, 2012


Red is super hard to get perfect.  Sometimes it can be too orange/tomatoeish, or maybe too bright or dark.  Unfortunatley, I have no idea what color this red is because we did a color match to an object without a color "name", but I would say that is is closest to SW-Stolen Kiss.

Nothing is better than a good "before" shot (which naturally,  I forgot to do for the nightstand). 

The nighstand is not actually an exact match to the dresser, but my customer did a little hunting and found a pretty close match.  I think she did good!

The existing hardware had to the trash!  My customer was originally thinking of the classic cup pulls that are on the top drawer, but after seeing the pieces sprayed out, we thought a dark, rustic color would look best to go with the look she was shooting for in her sons bedroom.

These were found at Hobby Lobby and if you can get them 1/2 off, it's a great deal.  I love this hardware, but unfortunately the "rustic" nature of them tends to not have the holes PERFECTLY lined up, making for scarry hardware installation!  No wine for me tonight!  I need to THINK!!!!!

It's amazing how a boring traditional oak set can turn out so modern and beautiful! LOVE everything about it!

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