Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Ok, maybe this is not "junk", but certainly not what I would sell to a customer.  Is was pre-painted, something I typically shy away from and did not have rails, something I typically do not even look at.  But because the standards for myself are obviously WAAAAY lower than what I would want for a customer...It was perfect!!!

My girls are 9 and 11 and they share a room.  As you can imagine, storage is an issue.  They have great closet space, but the amount of t-shirts, pj pants, mismatched socks, tanks and underwear are CRAZY!!  Every few months I do a "ok, lets go through this stuff and get rid of what you don't want". They seem to only come across 1 or 2 items.  I don't get it.

This beauty sat over in my "what the hell am I getting myself into pile" for months.  I knew it wasn't up to most of my customers standards but look at those lines!!!  So pretty and unique.  I just couldn't part with it.

Their room is not lacking in color whatsoever, but there was no way I could put another creamy white dresser in their room.  It had to be (another) pop of color. I used BM- sweet vibrations.  Ever since I did a huge coffee table a few weeks back for a customer I have been dying to use this on a piece.  But I know that it's not the easiest to sell something with such a strong color, so I am glad I found piece for myself to use it on.

I did some distressing because I had a feeling that the because the drawers didn't have rails, they were going to get a little "naturally" distressed anyway.

And because I am cheap and didn't want to fill in holes for new hardware, I just refinished the existing hardware in white.  Which ended up being the perfect choice I think.

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