Friday, June 20, 2014


It's been a loooooong 2 weeks but we are ready for drywall!  Actually, Marc and I really enjoy and have fun working together and after building and renovating a few homes, our kids are pretty used to the chaos.

Ava helping to remove hardware. Jack and Natalie are studying for exams in background…although it looks like Natalie might be texting.  Hmmmm!

It was fun for a while, then it turned into "work".  It's good for them:)

Kinda hard taking out the bench that I build a few years ago but I have new and improved plans for this space!

Can't wait to get rid of that wall!

 We didn't mess around!  By late Friday night, we were ripping down drywall!

I was hoping to find an envelope full of money, or at least a 'love note' in between the walls but nope…nope, I found a petrified mouse! Nasty!

What a MESS!  I can not tell you how many tubs of drywall I hauled out to the 20 yard, 6' tall dumpster!  We are on our 3rd.

We get a little crazy when we are in "demo" mode!

I am freakishly strong for a girl.

Cutting a hole for the exterior door from mudroom to garage.

We moved it down the wall about 5' to the left. Doing this has change my little, dinky 3' closet into a huge 8' closet.

After the drywall, we started taking down and moving walls. 
 This is where my contractor brother came in.  He helped SOOOO much with helping us upset the LVL bean so I didn't have any headers where I didn't want them, like in the middle of my kitchen.

The area for the washer and dryer is going to be a little smaller but I will have front loaders with a nice countertop on top, so I should be fine.  This allowed us to move the wall to the kitchen back a foot for a nice pantry and make my 1/2 bathroom a little bigger.

We ended up hiring a plumber, a long time family friend, to come and move the 'pooper' and do some other rough plumbing work that Marc just didn't have time for because of our 2 week time frame.  Totally worth it and in the end, Marc was happy to have the help!
Installing new windows.

We are also enclosing our porch into a space for the kids to hang out with friends since I have pretty much ruined any chance of creating that space in the basement with my business:)

Lowes peeps know the Petersons:)

My temporary kitchen.  This is the first time I have owned a toaster over, I like it:) 
My pretty sputnik had to come down because we moved the table over and everyone kept hitting their heads on it! 

After 2 weeks of demo, plumbing, new window install, moving and building walls, tons of electrical work, many trips to both Lowes and Homey D, and a dozen other things I am forgetting to mention, we are now ready for drywall!


  1. what a TON of work!!! y'all are doing fantastic!!! i just might have to come see what you've done with my dream home when it's all finished!!

  2. How awesome Julie!! I can't wait to see how it turns out. :-)