Monday, June 9, 2014


Before I gutted the mud/laundry room, I decided to take a photo of how I created a countertop and storage space which worked out nicely for the past 2+ years.  

I really do not like having my laundry in the mudroom, so everyone can see my hubbies undies folded on the counter but hey, what do ya do?!?!  

Actually, laundry is the one household chores I hate most, so for the past 15 years, have only done laundry one day a week (besides the random kids sports load).  

I work from home so it it has always worked well for me.  That way I torture myself only one day a week instead of 7:)

I had the countertop custom made from Lowes to fit the "L" space I had.  I was too cheap to buy new set of cabinets because I knew that I would be ripping them out in the future, so after brainstorming, decided to split apart a metal shelving unit into 2 pieces.  This worked great because I could adjust the shelves how I wanted to hold the basket and other items.

Don't look at the floor under the shelf.  It's hard to sweep under that and I obviously didn't have the back wall re drywalled but added grass cloth wallpaper to the back to hide the eyesore. 
I attached the countertop to studs in the wall with "L" brackets for extra support.  I had been wanting to use this fabric somewhere in the house and this was the perfect opportunity. This setup worked beautifully to hide baskets and whatnots.

I hemmed the bottom and sewed a pocket for the rod.  I had to get pretty creative with hanging the rod but I simple bent it at a 90 degree angle at the corner and attached it with the brackets that came with it pinching them tight with a wrench so that the rod wouldn't move or slip out.

Love the vent that happened to be under it to help dry and warm up wet boots in the winter:)

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