Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This is the original picture of this desk.  Great waterfall 50's style that had great lines but in serious need of TLC.

A few weeks ago I refinished this desk in a darker shade of blue with a black glaze.  The drawers were in excellent condition and I was able to easily sand the finish off and simple stain them.  I did the same to the top, but was never really crazy about the finish from the beginning because of the fact that it was a thinner veneer and just didn't look as GREAT as I would like it to.

I have been very busy lately with custom projects and really didn't have time to mess around with this desk but every time I walked by it, I just wanted to grab it and throw it back in my sanding booth!  One day, in the middle of 100 other projects, I did.

I decided to go with the original plan I had of adding numbers to the drawers.  I also wanted a lighter color on the box. I liked the wood drawers but like I mentioned before, not the top...just didn't look right.  After sanding, priming, sanding spraying AGAIN, I really liked the color.  But now I did NOT like the drawer stain color with the box. UGH!

I mixed some of the base color (about 30% of the light grey I sprayed) with water (70%ish) and did a whitewash over the top. 


I had already planned on adding the numbers to the drawers but last minute decided to add the pretty orangy/red hardware.  Hobby Lobby has great hardware if you are looking for something a little "funky:

To do the number I printed them out onto paper in the font and size I wanted.

I did use a ruler a little bit to help keep numbers level.

Pushing REALLY hard with a pen, I traced the numbers so that they would be lightly imprinted onto the drawer fronts.  

After that I grabbed a little black acrylic and the best craft brush I could find and started filling in the outline.  I actually had to stop at the beginning of number one once I realized I needed more than just a big cup of coffee in me!  I was shaky and this isn't an easy fix up project.

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