Monday, January 7, 2013


I was picking up a dresser a few weeks ago and this coffee table caught my eye. It was in the basement of the estate I was at and because I am super nosey, I was peeking around.  They had sold most everything else and evidently nobody could see the beauty in this...that's where I come in:)

Look at the sweet detail on the inside corners!

The smokey black glass top had to go and it needed a new finish.  My husband was all like "why are you spraying it the same color"?!?!  Does he not know that there are very different types of gold?  The original finish was ugly, brassy 80's gold.  I was looking for a more vintage glamorous look.

I had a mirror custom cut from Vos Glass.  I love these guys and get all of my mirrors and glass custom cut there.   They are fast, reasonable priced and do a great job.

I LOVE this coffee table!  It's huge and fits my space perfectly.

I have to show you the couch I bought while at the same house.  It is so funky and you either love it or hate it.  I love it and most people hate it! LOL!  Straight from the 60's and in mint condition!  I fell for the style and trellis pattern, even like the orange color.

You should have seen my husbands face when I made him go back with me to pick it up.  I thought I even saw a tear.  He was like "Julie, why don't you just go buy a new couch" and I am like, "because honey, I have problems and one of those problems is the inability to buy something brand new without an immense amount of guilt".

I probably do need a new though, which has been on my "want" list anyway.  I'll admit it is VERY busy in the room right now with the mirror on the table, crazy patterned sofa and this very busy rug.  You need to take an Advil before sitting in the room:)

On another note...check out my sons origami work!  He rocks at this little "hobby" and his patience for this blows my mind!  We spray painted this guy and he is now a part of our decor.  I think I am going to have him make a bunch of different sizes and do something fun with them.  


  1. I like that couch! If you think the fabric is too busy, it is a very classic shape and it would be pretty easy to make slipcovers in a solid if it is in good condition.

  2. Hi Car54:) I actually think I should get a quote on reupholstering this sofa...I do love the style:)

  3. Julie,
    You need to come and buy a new sofa from Talsma Furniture on 84th St.
    You especially need to buy from your favorite salesperson, Maurine
    Taylor, remember me??? Ha! Actually, it is super cute! :)

  4. Hi Julie, the table looks great. I recently did this to a double-table-as-one setup in my living room, but I've since found that the gold is sort of...rusting off? On one table I started with Rustoleum matte gold paint (w/primer) but then read such good things about the Design Master brand that on the second table I used only that. Both came out the same shade but the DM got spotty/rusty looking within weeks. What did you use and how have you found it has held up?