Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I have actually been waiting almost 2 years for someone to ask me to do this to a dresser.  I never found the time to do it just "for fun" and knew the motivation was going to come from someone who was paying me to do it.

Can you believe the photo above came from the photo below?  

After prepping and spraying the piece in the color blue, I let it cure for a few days before I masked it off.

To be honest, I was all like..."wouldn't you like it if the ENTIRE drawer was gold and the line NOT running through the middle of it",(ya know, being a big baby about having to masking off the very detailed drawers). And she was like "Hmmmmm...NOPE"!  Can't say I blame her.  Having the line run through the drawers like we did definitely gave it a more special and custom look.

After masking it off, I sprayed a few light layers of the gold paint.  She really liked the color of Krlyon Brass and although I was a little nervous about taking a can a spray paint to one of my pieces, I knew I would be using a very careful hand and clear coating it with lacquer so it would have a very even finish.

So, after saying a few prayers and promising to never have a bad thought again, I removed the tape.

I actually wasn't too terribly worried because I took the extra time to "do it right". I have a tutorial on creating the perfect stripes here.  It is always worth the the extra time because the last thing I to do is touch up an imperfect line on a perfectly sprayed dresser with my shaky hands.

I am proud to say I did not have one touch up that need to be done on any lines.  That will most likely never happen again.

So there you have it!  A few clear coats of a clear, semi gloss lacquer and it looks beautiful!

I also love how the nightstands turned out in one of my my metallic finishes.  My client will be using these as nightstands in a bedroom and the dresser as a buffet in her dining room:)

I also have to mention that my client sent me this gorgeous inspiration photo below.  She loved this dresser by Haylie, who looks to use gold in a lot of her pieces.  She does beautiful work her IG acct can be found here .

I am glad I was able to help my client create a gorgeous piece for her new home!


  1. Love love love how it turned out! Thank you Julie for your careful work. I knew you could make it beautiful!

    1. Thank you Katie! I am so glad you love it and can't wait for you to have it in your new home!