Friday, March 13, 2015


I have a feeling the hardware on this piece was throwing people off, that is why it sat in my inventory for so long.

I thought about doing something with the door the entire time is sat there too.  I wish it was a candidate to simply pop out a panel and insert a piece of decorate metal screen but being a solid piece of wood, it wasn't and knew that I was taking my chances if I started cutting into it.

While talking with my client who was very interested in having this piece converted into an entertainment center, I brought up the fact that I could remove the wooden built in hardware, fill in the holes and add some regular hardware. I also went a step further and said I would attempt to change the door as well because she had her heart set on adding screen to it.  Her components where too large to fit in the little cubbies/shelves that I could have made behind the door but she really loved the look and still wanted it, if possible.

I carefully pried off the trim and thank goodness it was only nailed and not glued.

Pulled out the nails

Measured and used my table saw to cut as much as I could of the board.  I wanted nice, clean corners so stopped when the blade was close to the corners

And finished the corners with this handy tool. I don't use this tool often but always glad to have it around.

I cut the screen that my client wanted to size and tacked in on a few spots, just to hold before I added the trim.

I added the trim pieces by tacking them behind.

I filled in the corners and touched up by hand.

I LOVE how this turned out and kinda kicking myself for not doing this a long time ago.  Just opens up the door to other pieces and ideas for me.


  1. Love this look and your accessories makes it even more classy!

    1. Thank you so much Judy! I don't get many comments on my blog, so it's nice to see:))