Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Even though I do a lot of clean line, mid century style pieces, I sure do love an antique piece with  ornate detail like this one. 

The feet are so unique as well as the ornate, detailed trim work.  A lot of the trim on the second drawer was missing and although I am pretty (dang) good at recreating new trim, I do have my limits.  Not to mention with all the other detail going on, I didn't think that it would be missed.   

And in the end, I feel it would have been a little overkill to have kept it and removing it altogether was a smart choice.

I stripped and re-stained the top in a combination of Java and Antique Walnut gel stain by General Finishes. I was trying to match it to another piece my client had purchased from me and worried that the Java was going to be to dark to start with.
After the first coat of the 50/50 mix, I did another coat of just Java to deepen it just a little and it turned out to be the perfect shade.

 The base is in the SW-Repose Gray, a soft, creamy gray with just little distressing as she requested.
So pretty!

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