Thursday, April 24, 2014


This is definitely going down as one of my favorite pieces of all times.  Not fancy, but different and fun!  It's kind of a 'modern meets industrial and bumps into coastal' look!

So this is where I started.  Your typical 60's blond dresser.  I love the hardware but one was broken, which ruined the chanced of using these at all.  Hate when that happens.

That's ok though because it took me in a whole new direction….

I have been wanting to do a project using pallet wood forever but not only did I only run across old, ugly pallets, I never had the time.  I didn't realize I was a "pallet snob" but I guess I am.  I wanted it to be a rough sawn wood but also, in nice condition.  

I had been eyeballing my neighbors beautiful, clean and empty pallet in they driveway for a few days and asked if I could have it.  She said "yes":)

I cut the pallet apart and besides keeping a few knots, kept the nicest pieces I could salvage.  I didn't have much left over.

After ripping down the pieces for the front and side trim I cut boards and staggered seams like I do a hardwood floor. And I have helped lay many hardwood floors!

I didn't have a real plan but after installing the top, things just kind of fell together.  I had the casters and hardware on hand and decided this beautiful green called Chopped Dill by BM,  would be perfect for the direction I was taking the stain.

 After sanding SUPER well, I stained the wood using the same products and steps that I did on my sons shelf project HERE.  I know I have been proclaiming my love for General Finishes Gel Stains lately, but I still love and will continue to use Minwax and Rustoleum for certain applications. 

Because of the nature of the wood (rough and deep graining), I needed a liquid stain to soak in, penetrate and get down deep.  Not to mention it's what I had on hand:)

This photo below is just after the application of the gray stain.  I brushed on with chippy and rubbing in good with rag.





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