Wednesday, April 30, 2014


First I have to mention that I wasn't trying to cut corners. I knew this was a temporary update and after removing tile from the bathrooms and foyer in this home, let's just say that there was no "popping" tiles off….walls were coming down with it! I have gutted a handful of homes and removed tile in the past 15 years and have never seen tile done so well.  

So, knowing this, and the fact that I was going to eventually gutting this kitchen, I was looking for a temporary, budget friendly and quick solution. 

Because I didn't know I would be entering the blogging world over then, I didn't capture the 'during' moments but at least I have some before and afters.

These were taken the day we toook possession of the house.

I chose a tile that was much thinner and lighter than your typical 1/2" thick tile. because to be honest, I wasn't 100% sure about this entire project and wanted to make sure it would stick well, not look too thick and that the seam one seem on the end would not look odd.  

You can see here how thin it is compared to your traditional tile.  I found this at HD for $5 a 12" x 12" sheet and loved the colors.  The marble underneath is what I am using for the upcoming reno and it was found at Lowe's. 

 The seam I was talking about.  I just grouted it and it looks like I might have even painted it…oops:)
But I lucked out everywhere else as there were not other exposed seams.

 Yes, my cabinets are two different shades of gray…testing colors here for new cabinets

I went with a pre-mixed mortar for this application that was getting very little use. Grouted with antique white (I think) and called it a day!

I wouldn't recommend this for an area that is getting traffic or a lot of water but for this space, I think it worked perfectly and have not had any issues in almost 3 years and would totally do it again.   I actually still love this tile and am going to miss it because we will be ripping it out for the upcoming kitchen reno.  But just wanted to let peeps know about this option and hope it inspires you not to have to live with a backsplash you hate!


  1. OMG!!!! I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!!! You bought the house that I was in love with!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, our house didn't sell in time, so I couldn't purchase *yours*. That kitchen was unforgettable with the pink carpet and that back splash. I loved the sunken living room behind the awesome foyer! I hope you are enjoying that house a ton. I always wondered who ended up buying it, and I am glad it went to a good homeowner who knows how to renovate!

    1. Really Angela?! I heard that everyone who went through this house went running back out the front door....glad I wasn't the only person who saw it's potential! We have done a lot of work to this guy and can't wait for the last part to be done. Not looking forward to being with a kitchen and laundry for 6 weeks with 3 kids home this summer though! UGH!

  2. Lots of grilling out and plastic utensils, maybe your kids can learn the old fashioned way of doing laundry! HA! You'll get thru it great and that house is going to be stunning once you're done with it!