Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I did a very similar desk a few weeks back and was so happy to be asked to do another.  I LOVE this color green and as fun, bright and funky as it is, it seems to go beautifully with anything.  The color is SW-Overt Green.  I did do a very light brown glaze over it, didn't want to dull to pretty green too much:)

Look at how much potential this guy had!  Loved the hardware so was happy when my customer wanted to keep it (not to mention filling in holes isn't much fun:)).  I did spray them out in Oil Rubbed Bronze so the contrast with the green would be better.

Before I sanded I stripped the top.  I might have gotten away with just sanding off the original finish, because it was that old, but I prefer the extra step of stripping the main layer off, which not only ensures that my stain will penetrate much better, but evenly.  Also makes the sanding easier.  

Another thing I always do is wipe it down with denatured alcohol and let dry before I stain.  I feel that this also helps with keeping the stain even and cleans the surface well.  I know some people like to use a pre stain sanding sealer, but it just doesn't seem to work out the best for me and raises the grain too much, making extra work. 

After 2 coats of the Minwax Dark Walnut stain I covered the top to spray prime the base.  I didn't clear coat the top first because I wanted to do the the entire piece at once.

Had NO idea what I was thinking, maybe I have way too much going on but I removed the top cover before I sprayed the green!  Was so mad!  Had to go cover it again.  Took me a whole 3 minutes.

Love the rich stain color and the bright pretty green with dark hardware!  My awesome lamp isn't too bad either:)

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