Saturday, July 6, 2013


I had a welcome challenge this past week of working on a customers beloved bedroom set that she has had and loved, for years.  She was in the middle of updating the bedroom and knew that painting the dated oak pieces would be the necessary change to truly get the look she was going for.

You can't see it easily but there was a "fan" type pattern on the doors and a couple drawers.  Because my customer trusted me and said "do whatever you think it best", I filler them in.

It can be a little tricky and because this set is getting a modern, seamless look, it was extra important to perfect this part.  It took a few layers of filler but was well worth extra time and work. 

I also had a lot of holes to fill.  I always use cut dowels first, putting some wood glue in the hole and insert a dowel, making it JUST slightly lower than the surface then add the filler after the glue dries.  I also like the dowel very tight and have been know to actually drill the whole a tiny bit larger if needed, to get a size to fit tightly and gently push it in with a hammer.

The color is a BM color called "Cotton Balls" and a wonderful soft shade of white.

I love the update the glass hardware gives to the set.

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  1. So cool to see how you did all of it Julie! I love it! My husband finally hung the mirror last night so I am going to send you another "after in home" picture of the other dresser. I only need to put up my wall words above the headboard and I am done......for now :)