Monday, June 3, 2013


I typically do not buy pre painted pieces to refinish but the current paint job on this guy, although not pretty, was actually done nicely.  Also, it was solid wood, had dovetailed drawers and pretty, pretty curves…it was coming home with me!

Obviously the current hardware would be first to go…

I knew right away that this was going to be a piece that I was not going to put on my site as a custom option, but to refinish and sell myself.  Not sure why or how I choose these pieces, I just know right away with random pieces.

As always, the hardest part was deciding what color to use.  I swore I would not be mixing colors myself anymore but here I was again… breaking my own promise!  I had a color in my head that I wanted and just added a little this and a little that until I achieved the color. Kind of a coral/salmon shade.

Instead of using the traditional French Provincial hardware, which was my first choice because I did have enough for this dresser, I really liked this hardware and wanted to do something a little different.

Because the hardware I chose had too much gold going on, I did spray them with a light coat of oil rubbed bronze, whipping %50  off right way, just so a bit of the gold was popping thru, highlighting them.

I really love this dresser!  My girls were a heartbroken when they saw it and knew it would not be going in their room:(  I hope I don't mess them up with always doing pretty pieces that they fall in love with and shipping them out! I am sure they will be fine:)

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