Saturday, March 10, 2012


Most of the walls in my house are painted in more muted, earthy tones.  I really needed a pop of color on the walls in SOME room.  I have been loving and wanting to use the color coral somewhere, somehow and made a last minute decision to attack the girls bedroom.  Previously it was a very pretty soft, muted green color called Camouflage by BM, loved the color but just doing anything for the room.

I usually get pretty obsessive about the colors and it takes me forever to decide but I just picked the most "coral" looking one, which happened to be "Paradise Fruit" by BM.  It turned out a little more "creamsicle" in my opinion.  If I had to do it over again I think I would pick something with a little more red in it but I was afraid of it being to hot pink and competing with their bedding.

Anyway, it's staying (for now:).  I have never painted a room this bright before and the girls LOVE it.  Ava said "the color made me sleep like a baby!"  Not sure how, but whatever works!  Right?!

I love making wall art for the kids room as much as possible.  This was a fun little
project just cross stitched on left over fabric freehand style.

Cute little owl made with leftover pretty fabrics I had

Love how the curtains pop with this color.  Didn't ever notice them much before.

I should do a tutorial on this cute and very easy project that kids can 
even do or at least help with.  

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