Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just finished up this piece for a client. I am so glad she saw the potential in the otherwise boring and ugly desk...I love how it turned out, very simple but very pretty.


The dreaded before picture.  It was very dated, but had nice legs, great drawer space and functioned perfectly.  MOST of it was in excellent shape.

The part I was not happy with was the bottom side.  NOT in good condition!  Luckily this piece came with a hutch that I didn't want to use but had some nice, reusable trim pieces.  I decides to take the trim from the hutch and trim out the entire base of the desk.

After I measured and cut my 45 degree angles, I used wood glue and my little handy nail gun 

After wrapping the entire base in the trim, I caulked and sanded.  I think this update the entire look of the desk and was a kind of blessing it had to be done in the first place.

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