Sunday, December 18, 2011

Super Easy Pinch Pleated Drapes 

I wanted to share an easy way to fancy up your simple drapery.  I have used this trick on many of the drapes in my current and past homes and have always loved it.  

Here is an example of the last set I did... this is my son's room.  I had originally hung plain pocket panels that I bought at target over a year ago.  Not bad, but kind of boring.

Here they are after I added the pinched pleats.  Naturally my son has NOT and most likely will not ever notice::))  

Here are the supplies you will need...I usually get mine at Hobby Lobby, but I know Joann's and any fabric store will have them too.  You will need Pinch Pleated "stuff" material, pleater hooks and rings.  Make sure the rings will fit the rod you plan to use.  

First thing you will want to do is sew the PP trim to the top of the drapes, making sure that not only the right side, the side with the "pockets" is up, but that the pockets are on the bottom so that the hooks can slide up into them.  
Sounds like a no brainer, I know...but I have accidentally sewn it perfectly...with the pockets on the top!! 

One seam on the dotted lined at the top and the bottom.  
Now just start adding the hooks.  The bag of hooks I choose have 4 prongs per hook.  This bag also comes with a couple of single prongs.  These are good to start and finish with.  But you don't HAVE to.

Example I use...start with the very first pocket, add single prong.  

skip 3-4 pockets (whichever you choose, but be consistent)

add 4 pronger hook

skip the 3-4 pockets again, add another 4 prong hook... REPEAT...

at the end, add another single prong hook they provide.

here are a few pictures that might help explain what is going on...

Here is a tip I just discovered and started using myself.  I was going to leave it out to keep the confusion to a minimum, but I am sure you can handle it::))

Before inserting the hooks, add the rings and pinch them tight with a pair of plyers.  Helps make putting them on the rod SOOOO much easier!

The underside...what they look like on the rod

That's it! Probably easier than I make it look:)

Here are a few pictures of finished projects around my house....

This is panel I made from scratch in my dining room and living room

In my den.  This was actually a table cloth that I loved the pattern of and added the PP trim added to top.

 Hope this helped!  Let me know if you have any questions

Have a Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Clever lady!!! Thanks for sharing.