Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Old farmhouse table

I wish I knew the story behind some of the items I pick up, you can tell it was hand made piece by piece.  Although it was in good study shape it did need an update of some sort.  Pieces like this you can't just make completely modern and pretend it was never a very old rustic piece.  

I decided to strip and stain the top and paint the base.  Although I usually do not distress most of my pieces, sometimes a piece just needs it to keep with the look.  

I had to paint the numbers by hand because I didn't have any stencils that were large enough.  I have read about people loaning or renting projectors for projects like this from their local library, but since I seem to get inspired to do most my projects after 10:00 pm, I wasn't getting my hands on one:)

Instead of putting a coat of poly over the top, I used a natural wax to seal and buff it out.

I have in my "for sale" page if you would like more information.

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