Sunday, August 21, 2016


I love the pop of color this island provides in this otherwise neutral kitchen. I have done a few pieces for this client in that past and worked with her designer, Mindi Freng on many projects, so was not surprised by their fun and perfect color choice.   

This piece is a beast...I mean a BEAST!! Seriously, I am freakishly strong for a girl and I was not looking forward to bringing this baby back up the steps from my shop. It's just Marc and I who move all of these pieces so sometimes it can be extra hard. 

Because we needed to add a little height to this piece to make for a perfect island and it was the look my client wanted, we decided feet should be added. 
It is such a long piece and I knew it would be a highly used piece, so I decided to add an extra set in the middle instead of just the typical 4.  
I don't have a photo of how this all went down but I needed to get very creative by adding blocks to the underside in order to attach the brackets needed for the feet themselves. 

The buffet needed a finished back.  She was having her contractor add shiplap to the eating area so we ordered a little extra to have me add to the back. This was really the trickiest part of the entire project because I struggled to not only find the best way to actaully attach it and have it be sturdy, but to have it inset as much as I possible and look purposeful. 

And I think it worked out pretty darn good! 

If the inside is in nice condition and the client is on board with it, I like to leave the inside wood whenever possible. 

Photo booth pictures.  I am never sure I will get those "after" photos from clients so made sure to take these pictures.  I am SO grateful Rochelle took the time to send me a few nice pics:) 

You can see that after my photo booth pics, I did a finish on the to compliment the hardware my client had on her new cabinets.  
I normally cringe at the thought of painting anything brass but because these were brass plated and in rough condition anyway, I was not disappointed one bit by my clients choice and love how the bronze, with little brass rubbed through, looks in this beautiful space. 

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