Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Now, if I posted every time my husband did something nice for me I would be posting every day, and be very annoying...but I have to mention how awesome my husband is!!!!

Marc spent ALL weekend building me a legit spray booth.  Framed and air tight, complete with updated lighting, door and a better exhaust/ventilation system.  I couldn't run this little business, which has kept me busier than I ever dreamed, without him.  He is always hooking me up with everything I need and helping me move things up and down the steps, delivering pieces to my customers, picking up pieces when I can't and getting my paint for me, without any complaints...LOVE HIM!!

Jack was a good helper too.  He did the Lowes runs with dad and helped carry all the 2x4's down.

Working on the ventilation 

Might not look to fancy, but it's perfect for what I need!!!

SOOO, because my paint booth was under construction and there is no way I can just relax, I did a little lamp redo I have been trying to find time for

I found these beauties as an estate sale.  Along with a chair reupholstering fetish, I also have a lamp fetish.

Unfortunately the paint was chipping off on the inside, but loved the shape and the vintage glass

I took it all apart I was plesantly suprised to find that all I needed was some really hot water and a brush to get the old paint to loosen up.  I NEVER get this lucky.  I was expecting it to be super glued on and I was going to have to soak it in lacquer thinner or stripper.

I know, isn't my sink gross!  I swear I clean it!

 Here they all all stripped of the old paint.  Can hardly see the pretty detail on the glass when it's clear

I knew I was going to spray the bases gold (Valspar Metallic gold) and really liked the pink that was originally in it, so I mixed up a few colors to achieve a similar color.

Can't even stand how pretty they are!  Some nice white modern shades will be perfect.

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