Friday, July 27, 2012


I was planning on doing a little "before and after" on my bedroom.  All I really did was make some orange/coral pillows for the bed and reupholster the bench.  Unfortunately I LOST all my before pictures!!!  I am so sad:(

Anyway, I will just show you the "after" and have you try to imagine how boring the room was without a pop of color:)

I have always had my bedroom kind of monotone (boring) in color but was ready for a little sumethin sumethin.

 For a 1960's home we have nice size rooms and great closet space with a double set on each wall.  It's not a walk in closet, but I'll take it!

I added trim the the otherwise plain ceiling shade.  I can't seem to leave anyting alone!

I think was was most impressive about the "little" update was how messy I managed to get my living room to just make a cushion and 2 pillows.  What I thought was going to be a quick little project turned into a 6 hour ordeal.  I lost that picture too, but it resembled something like this.  I decided not to do a tutorial on making the cushion as it would have been pure torture for both me and you. I kind up made it up as I went along anyway...I am NOT a natural seamstress and I swear a lot when I use my machine...  I think it's a lemon (no way it me)!

For the fun of it, here are a few "before" pics we took when we were looking to buy and renovate the house.

The house had the old boiler heating system and 80% of my baseboards looked like this before we bought the house.

One of the closets before we reconfigured it a little and changed doors out.

We actually removed the left closet next to the bathroom so we could put in a pocket door to the master bathroom and have a space to hang the T.V.

You can check out the Master Bathroom Reno in an older post.  I would insert the link here, but don't know how yet. (anyone, anyone?!?!)

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