Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I didn't have time to do this but it HAD to be done!  Wish I had before pictures of the table and chairs but naturally...I don't:(  Just know that the paints and craft items my daughters use on this table have RUINED it.  Who knew acrylic paints could be so damaging.

I am pretty realistic when it comes to furniture and kids, wouldn't spend a ton of money on a table or expect it to not get dinged up with kids around, but I draw the line at "gross"... and it was super close!  When my son had a friend over the other day and went to eat lunch at the table I heard him say to his friend "um, yeah...lets go eat at the other table"!!  He was embarressed!  Not cool.

Originally I was thinking about stripping and re staining the top but didn't love the table enough to do all that extra work, so my quick fix solution was to do a faux zinc finish to the top.

After sanding it down, it still had a black/dark base from the original stain, which is what I wanted.  I used the technique that I did on my faux zinc letters tutorial and applied it to the top of the table, going back with a few different tones until I got the desired look.  Then sealed it with 3 coats of a lacquer clear coat.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to reupholster the seats with some left over fabric I had and loved from another project.  I applied a few coats of stain resistant spray stuff to the fabric, let's see if it works!


  1. where can i find your faux zinc letter tutorial????

    1. Hello. Here is the link to that tutorial. I had it under "metal" finish and not zinc…sorry:)

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have other questions