Monday, January 16, 2012

Help for drawers that push in too far...

Every now and then I get a piece that has a drawer or drawers pushed in too far.  It is annoying and looks sloppy.  I am quite sure I did not "invent" this technique, but like to think I did:)

What I do is get a little chuck of wood, put a strip of wood glue on it and set it where you think is close the back of the drawer where it ends, but pushed a little forward so the drawer is sure to hit.

Slide drawer in and slowly push into place, carefully remove the drawer and add a clamp.  You may want to recheck after you clamp just to be sure of your placement.  

I always add a nail or two with my nail gun but I am pretty sure if you do not have that option, the wood glue will probably do just fine.

Nice and even:)

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