These are my currently available colors, which in included in the pricing on the "UNFINISHED- FOR SALE" page or when given a quote on a piece you have. 

I try to keep these colors updated as they are constantly changing but don't be afraid to ask if I have a certain shade as I might not have added it yet

Also, please keep in mind that I may have enough stock product to only do one piece

All custom colors are a $45 charge


BM- Gray

SW- Peppercorn

BM- Satin Silver

BM- Collingwood

Martha Stewart- Gull

BM- Platinum Gray

BM- Husky Gray

SW- Mindful Gray

BM- Anchor Gray

SW- Repose Gray

BM- Amherst Gray

BM- Chelsea Gray

SW- Functional Gray

BM- Revere Pewter

SW- Sealskin

SW- Foggy Day

BM- Gotham

Martha Stewart- Magnitite


SW- Talipot Palm

BM- Kelly Green

Restoration Hardware- Sea Green

BM- Greenfield

BM-Olive Branch

BM- Courtyard

SW- Gecko

SW-Festival Green

BM-Cabana Green

SW- Alexandrite 

SW- Recycled Glass

BM- Crushed Dill

California Paints- Teal Waters

BM-Dakota Woods

BM- Amazing Moss

BM- Waterbury

SW- Relish

SW- Greenbelt

BM- Spring Moss

BM- Sponge Green


BM- Downpour Blue

SW- Rain

SW- Lagoon

SW- Reflecting Pool

Farrow and Ball- Hague Blue

SW- Indigo

SW- Deep Sea Dive

Behr- Catalina Coastal

BM- Mill Spring

Newport Indigo

SW-Fluer De Sel

BM- Dunabe

Custom color but close to 
BM- Dark Knight

BM-Birds Egg

BM- Tropicana Cabana

SW- Carpi

BM- Wythe Blue

BM- Midnight Blue

BM- Newburg Green

SW- Turkish Tile

SW- Peacock Blue

BM- Oasis Blue

BM- Prussian Blue

BM- Covington

BM- Stratton Blue

Blue Depths

SW- Bracing Blue

BM-Providence Blue

BM- Blue Dragon

BM- Big Country Blue

SW- Blue Plate

SW- Slate Tile

BM- Montpelier Blue


SW - Exuberant Pink

SW- Begonia

SW- Coral Reef

SW-Impatience Pink Petal

SW- Impatient Pink

Custom color but close to 
SW- Resounding Rose

Martha Stewart- Maine Lobster

Pittsburgh Paints- Hearts Desire

BM- Crimson

Martha Stewart- Terra Rosa

Olympic Paints- Scrumptious

SW- Arresting Auburn

SW- Borelo

SW- Crabby Apple 

SW- Enticing Red


BM- Pumpkin Cream

BM- Antelope Canyon

Behr- Thanksgiving

BM- Buttered Yam

SW- Approaching Autumn

SW- Believable Buff

Polished Marble

BM- Yellow Finch

BM- Sweet Vibrations

BM- Citron

BM- Yosemite Yellow

BM- Hawthorne Yellow

BM- Orange Ice 

SW- Knockout Orange 


SW- Free Spirit

BM- Cinnamon Slate

BM- Black Raspberry

BM - Majestic Violet

SW- Patient Purple


BM- Ebony King

BM - Panther Black

BM- Bittersweet

SW - French Roast

SW- Toasty

BM- Saddle Brown

BM- Mesa Verda Tan

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