Monday, April 23, 2012


I usually like to try to keep the existing hardware on an old piece.  Sometimes the customer wants a completely NEW and totally modernized look and we just change it out...but many times, a little extra time spent on refinishing the old ones can really change the entire look...Not to mention save a lot of money!

I don't think there are many different ways on redoing the hardware, but I do know there is definitely a RIGHT way.  And that "right" way does involved a few very necessary steps.

Skip a step and you might get this...  "NO",  that is NOT a picture taken from my own kitchen because I totally half-xxxxx it, thinking I would be changing everything out in a few months anyway and only sprayed on the silver color with not prep-work or seal coat.  Nope, not me!

So embarrassing...

So THIS is how you do it right!  Sand, prime, sand again, spray with finish (few light coats), spray with a sealing top coat.  DONE!  It's a process that may take a day or 2 because of all the little steps and drying time, but it's only a few minutes for each step.

I have this pretty great little set up for my hardware.  I took the base of an old spinning chair swivel chair and added a piece of wood to the top, that way I could be lazy, stand in one spot and swivel the top to get an even coat.  Then I drilled screws on the side for my hanging pieces and drilled a bunch of screws into a board and flipped it.  This works great to keep my pieces off the flat surface and spray it all uniformly. 

Being holed up in your basement all day spraying lacquer makes you really creative::))  KIDDING!! Don't worry,  I have a great venting system in my spray booth and always wear my masks!

 I actually thought these would make pretty hoop earring!  I'm a "hoop" girl:)  My girlfriends used to call me Jodi Watley in High School because I always had big O' hoops on!!

See the resemblance!

ANYWAY, here are the pieces finished and sealed. along with the products I like to use, to make these last forever...or at least a VERY long time!

Let me know if you have any questions:)

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